Karate Class Self Defense Class for Kids

Nochikan Karate International is founded to provide professional karate training to everybody regardless of age or gender. We train students to attain fitness at both physical and mental levels. You may be either someone who envisages a physically fit body or trains for Karate as a career choice. Whatever your vision is, we mould our karate training classes to suit your requirement and help achieve the desired. Our founder, Dr K. Nagulanathan, was intrigued with Karate at 15 years of age and started Karate classes under the experienced wing of Sensei Boney Robert, the founder of Sri Lanka Karate-Do Federation. Years of persistence taught him the gravity of karate training, and he realised that Karate is much more than physical fitness, defensive techniques and counterattacks. The realisation urged him to lay bricks to a Karate training institute that imparts the essence of Karate to everybody and makes them physically and mentally strong. On the invitation of Sensei B. Premkumar, a Karate instructor in Kerala since 1978, Dr Nagulanathan visited India in 1981 and decided to set up Nochikan Karate International to help everybody attain fitness of all levels. Nochikan is a derivation from 'Kilinochchi', his birthplace in Srilanka. Today Nochikan Karate International institute functions with several branches around the world. We have spread our wings to Srilanka, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Canada and multiple other prominent countries. With our highly qualified instructors and thousands of students reaching their fitness goals, we aim to reach more people and impart the goodness of Karate training classes.